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Just four days 'till my birthday & all good things are happenin' :)

Just finished the huge film poster I've been working on for the Rectory film campaign (Chance Productions) the past few months. So that's uploaded on here for all to see, just jump to the gallery. Picked up a gig doing artwork for 'the Hag', another bad@$$ short horror film by the *amazing* Erik Gardner. Nifty thing about this particular gig is, yes, it's still conceptual art. But it's also going to be featured physically in the film when the dude's search-engining the lore of the beast. And that's, well... Beast :-D

- Purchase a horror tee-shirt featuring artwork from yours truly 
& support the British Indie Horror Film 'the Rectory' (previously 'Something like a Phenomenon'). It's a creepy story of the infamous Borley House in England.  Pick up your shirt here   --->… Check our project out on Facebook & Twitter, but support the indiegogo campaign here --->… And twitter: " @indiegogo" To view the harrowing film-trailer, click here if you dare…

- CEZacherl secured as the Conceptual Artist for "I am Exorcist", the next leap in horror from the acclaimed director of the award-winning 'Blue Hole' Erik Gardner . The terrifying screenplay guaranteed to make you poop your pants; check out the project on Facebook i am an Excorcist. 

- 'the Trivium Proportion, a Cyberpunk Tale' written by D.Hunter Phillips & Illustrated by C.E.Zacherl is now available on! Pick up your copy today --->…

- C.E.Zacherl was interviewed by 'The Trivium Proportion' author David Phillips! Read it here;…

- Check out this short film promo for C.E.Zacherl Illustrations made by Fat Loot Films;… Comment on the YouTube link & let them know how bad@$$ they did with their filming/score!

- The art of C.E.Zacherl won the 2012 Audience Choice Trophy at Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery  in San Diego, California! Check out the article here ---->…

- featured CEZacherl w/ an accompanying interview here ---->…

- 'For Bennet', the Captain America/Coast Guard Memorial piece won its first DA contest hosted by the Heroes & Villains group here;

- My Twitter account is up & blazin'. Hit me up CEZacherl and get all the latest updates on completed & upcoming projects.

- C.E.Zacherl on Model Mayhem as MM#2172305. I recommend this site for anyone as dependent on photography as I am, it's been invaluable.

- 'Unhuman' is still going strong. It's a slow moving revolution, but I've been squeezing it through the cracks of my other commitments consistently for over a decade now and will continue to do so until completion. The only publication these stories/illustrations have seen the light of night in, thus far, is Morpheus Tales Magazine in London. But I'm always looking out for new outlets willing to spread the menace. For now you can read two of these stand alone segments here; &

Thanks for dropping by to take a gander, keep art strong!
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This is very cool,mate cheers :)
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